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Device access tags can be used to further limit access of accounts.

If an account has no tags defined, it can see all devices.

Affected features

  • 'Backups' view
  • 'Config search' view
  • 'Show scheduled tasks' view for 'Schedules'.

Assigning tags to devices

We can create as many tags as needed using the 'Add' button in the 'Device access tags' table.

After a tag is created, we can tag devices with this tag using the 'Manage devices' table.
Switching to the 'Not tagged devices' tab, we can select devices we want to tag, and press 'Tag'.

Accounts with the 'Administrator' role will also see a tag icon next to devices with any tags in the 'Devices' view.

Assigning tags to accounts

Tags can be applied to any account, to limit the access of that account only to devices with that tag.

You can use the 'Manage accounts' button for a tag to see the list of account with and without access to the devices with the tag.
Switching to the 'Not tagged accounts', we can give access to the account to the tag with the 'Tag' button.

Usage example

We want user 'Bob' to only have access to the WiFi APs in Unimus.
For example, when Bob does a Config search for 'password', he would see results only in configs of the APs.

First we create user 'Bob' with 'Read-only' access role.

Next we create the 'APs' access tag.
After the tag is created, we give access to the devices with the 'APs' tag to Bob.
We select the 'APs' tag, click 'Manage users', and tag Bob.

Now we need to tag the right devices with the 'APs' tag.
We select the tag, and press 'Manage devices'.
We add the tag to the appropriate devices.

After this, our 'Bob' user will only see the devices that are tagged with the 'APs' tag when using Config search, etc.


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