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The commands you specify in the Push Preset are sent to the devices, one line at a time (more info on how Unimus interacts with the device in How commands are sent to devices). The outputs of the executed commands are evaluated on all devices, and a new "Output Group" is created for each unique output during the push. If 2 devices reply with the same output, both devices are assigned to a single output group belonging to that unique output.

As an example, if you push a command to 200 devices, but across all devices there will only be 2 unique outputs to this command, Unimus will create only 2 output groups, and assign each device to the right output group. Output grouping means you don't need to inspect outputs of 200 devices after a config push - saving you time, and making navigation in large push outputs easy.

State of device before Push - require "enable" or "configure" CLI mode


How commands are sent to devices

Config Push in Unimus has a few stages:

  • connect to device, login to the CLI
  • switch the device to desired CLI mode (if require "enable" or "configure" mode is set)
  • send each command line from the "Commands" to the device (more info below)
  • collect all output from device
  • disconnect the CLI session
  • create a new output group for this device OR assign the device into an existing output group

The main (and most important) portion of this

Command parsing examples


Debugging failed pushes - "INTERACTION_ERROR" errors