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  1. from the command set, send the next command line to the device, followed by Enter
  2. collect all output, up until a known (recognizable) output occurs
  3. IF device asks if it should continue with output (more info below), answer Unimus answers "Y", GO TO step 2
  4. IF device outputs a question (such as a "[y/n]" question - more info below), stop, GO TO step 1.
  5. IF device asks for a password, or another "secret", stop, GO TO step 1
  6. IF device pages through output ("-- more --"), send Unimus sends pagination key (space for most device types) to proceed to next page, GO TO step 2
  7. IF device asks to confirm end of output, ("press Q to finish"), send Unimus sends the appropriate key to finish output, GO TO step 2
  8. IF a prompt is received, stop, GO TO step 1

As per the description above, pagination ("-- more --"), and output termination which some devices require ("Output finished, press Q to continue") will be handled completely automatically by Unimus.

For step 3, Unimus will automatically answer "Y" to questions like "Show all items?" or "Do you want to show sensitive items?" or "Confirm command...", etc.
For step 4, Unimus recognizes any generic questions asked by devices that end in the "[y/n]" or "(yes/no)" prompts, but also things like "Press enter to confirm change", etc.
For step 5, usual "Password:" or "Password for..." and similar password prompt are recognized