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  Global search (search for any string, see any of its occurrences across the entire system)
Devices / backups / comments (in any part of Unimus), etc.
 In-application notification system (will replace current job history views on the Dashboard) 
 HTTP and HTTPS connectors (support for IP phones and IP cameras / CCTV) 
 NetBox Importer - new NMS Sync connector 
(adopt devices from NetBox into Unimus)

Support for new importers (NMS sync)
Sonar, Nagios, ConnectWise (CWA), etc.
 Q1 2024

Advanced device information collection during Discovery
(SN, firmware version, automatic description from hostname or identity, etc.)

 Adjust UI session timeout directly in the UI
Currently only available as config option, will be exposed in "Advanced settings"
Q4 2023MFA support for logging in to Unimus
New MFA settings in the new "My Account" screen

Config Push - Export / Send results
(ability to export / send Push results as YAML or HTML docs)

 Config Push - show output for individual devices
In addition to seeing group output, you will be able to see direct output of each device within a group
Q3 2023Device Config Changelog
A new screen where you can see all recent device config changes (diffs from backups), sorted by date
 Config Push - built-in variables
In addition to user-defined Device Variables, Unimus will offer device information as built-in variables
In design
 New "My Account" screen for individual users in Unimus
Ability for users to set their own account-specific settings
Q2 2023New Config Push behavior modifiers and functions
(updates to current behavior modifiers, adding new modifiers)
In designdevelopment
 NMS Sync - improved handling for deleted devices
Options to delete or unmanaged unmanage devices in Unimus if deleted in NMS
In development

AAA & User Management improvements
Account creation on 1st successful login with external AAA, Default Device Access policy

In development
Q1 2023"Device CLI" directly in Unimus
A full terminal emulator in Unimus' UI, allowing you to open a CLI session to your device directly in Unimus
In development

AAA & User Management improvements
Rework of Device Access policies, improvements for Device Access limitation

In development
 2.3.x minor feature & bugfix release (2.3.2 & 2.3.3)
See related Changelog entries for more details
Q4 2022Full offline mode for Unimus (air-gapped networks)
Support for offline licensing with Unlimited licenses
Released (2.3.0)
 LDAP AAA supportReleased (2.3.0)
 Q3 2022

MSSQL support

Released (2.3.0)
 Config Push - support for variables
(per-device variables in Config Push presets)
Released (2.2.0)
 Ongoing development on APIv3.
(more details:
 New security hub
Q2 2022Penetration Testing report
Results will be published publicly on our Blog
 2.2.x minor feature & bugfix release (2.2.3)
See related Changelog entries for more details
 Performance improvements
We are continuing to tune performance in large-scale deploys
Released (2.2.3)
 Security improvements
Fixes as per recommendations from the penetration testing cycle
Released (2.2.3)
Q1 2022New SSH client library
Vastly improved SSH crypto algo support, support for more SSH key types and formats
Released (2.2.3)
 2.2.x bugfix releases (2.2.1-2.2.2 released)
See related Changelog entries for more details
 Penetration Testing cycle
Full pentest of Unimus - results will be published publicly on our Blog
 Unimus security audit
Internal audit of the Unimus codebase in preparation for pentest
Q4 2021

Performance improvements
(target - support 100.000 devices in a single Unimus instance)

Released (2.2.0)
 NetBox plugin for Unimus
(native Unimus plugin in NetBox, allowing to view data from Unimus in NetBox and to run jobs from NetBox)
On hold
 2.1.x bugfix releases (2.1.3 - 2.1.4 released)
See related Changelog entries for more details
 Ongoing development on APIv3, see below.Released (2.2.0)
 Q3 2021API v3 - initial endpoint groups
(more details:
Released (2.2.0)
 Backup Exporter (to server FS or GIT) -
(export devices backups to server file system or a GIT repo)
 Support for additional device auth (login) options
(username-only, password-only)
Released (2.1.1)
 2.1.x bugfix releases (2.1.1 - 2.1.2 released)
See related Changelog entries for more details
Q2 2021Bug Bounty program for Security Issues
(official Bug Bounty program with a budget for payouts)
In progress
 Config Search - Export / Send results
(ability to export / send Search results as YAML or HTML docs)
Released (2.3.0)
 Config Push - advanced settings
(override credentials used for push, override timeouts, etc.)
Released (2.1.0)
 Update to latest LTS version of frontend framework

Released (2.1.0)

 Q1 2021Security updates and improvements
(security audit of Unimus code-base, updates to latest versions for all libraries / dependencies)

Config Push - Tag as a Push target
(will push to all devices tagged with Tag / Tags)

Released (2.0.11)
 Config Push - Universal Search
(search for device / description / text in outputs, etc.)
Released (2.0.11)

Rewrite of the "Importer" / "NMS Sync" system to add support for Zones
(related to full support for "Remote network support (remote proxy / remote agent)" by Importers / NMS Syncers)

Released (2.1.0)
 2.0.x bugfix releases (2.0.10-2.0.13 released)
See related Changelog entries for more details
Q4 2020NetXMS Agent as a proxy for remote Zones
(ability to use either Unimus Core or the NetXMS Agent as a local poller)
Released (2.1.0)
 Backup filters - you can ignore any part of a backup
(user-defined rules to remove or ignore parts of backups)

Released (2.1.0)

 Update to latest LTS version of backend framework

Released (2.1.0)

 2.0.x bugfix releases (2.0.8 - 2.0.9 released)
See related Changelog entries for more details
Q3 2020Updates to internal processes, and cleanup after the 2.0.0 development cycleComplete
 2.0.x bugfix releases (2.0.5 - 2.0.7 released)
See related Changelog entries for more details
 LibreNMS importer (NMS sync)Released (2.0.5)
Q2 20202.0.x hotfix and bugfix releases (2.0.1 - 2.0.4 released)
See related Changelog entries for more details
 Unimus 2.0.0 Stable release
(Unimus & Unimus Core, all features from Q3 2019 - Q2 2020)
Q1 2020Observium importer (NMS sync)

Released (2.0.0)

 PRTG importer (NMS sync)

Released (2.0.0)

 Improvements to runtime data filtering in backups
Dynamic backup data filters will only filter actual dynamic data, no longer filtering whole lines

Released (2.0.0)

Q4 2019Config Push scheduling
Adds support for scheduling to Mass Config Push

Released (2.0.0)


Remote network support (remote proxy / remote agent)
Multiple remote proxies/agents can be configured and managed from a single central Unimus server

Released (2.0.0)

 Config change notifications in Slack
Send a diff to Slack any time a config change is detected

Released (2.0.0)


"Export Backups" functionality
Easy way to export backups - latest backup for all devices, or all backups for all devices

Released (2.0.0)

 Support for cron expressions for the scheduler

Released (2.0.0)

Q3 2019Backup Push into Unimus
Support for pushing devices backups into Unimus from external systems through the Unimus API

Released (2.0.0)


Improvements to "Network Scan"
Added ability to scan by address range, added ability to exclude addresses or ranges or subnets

Released (1.10.4)
 Easy password recovery when login credentials lost
(a password reset token generated into the server log file which can be used to reset passwords)
Released (1.10.4)
 "New version available" notifications
Unimus checks for newer versions, and notifies on the Dashboard when a new version is available.
Released (1.10.3)
Q2 2019

Large amount of work on modularization of the Unimus code-base, work on back-end and internal infrastructure.
All this is in relation to developing the "Remote network support (remote proxy / remote agent)" feature.

This turned out to be much more complex than anticipated, and took a large amount of work, time, and many sleepless nights.
Now finished, and actual "Remote network support (remote proxy / remote agent)" feature is now under development.

 New Unimus Portal releaseReleased
Q1 2019Performance improvements to Config Search
(inverse search with 1000+ devices in system takes very long)
Released (1.10.0)
 Diff improvements
(highlight changed words in line, perf. improvements for large diffs)
Released (1.10.0)
 Dark theme (Portal and Unimus)Released (1.10.0)
 MFA (dual-factor) support for Unimus Customer PortalReleased
 New Unimus Portal releaseReleased
Q4 2018Strip sensitive data (password hashes, OSPF PSKs, etc.) from backups before storingReleased (1.9.0)

Update to Device Tags
Easier device grouping using tags, revamp user access limitation, new Tag Management screen

Released (1.9.0)

Improvements to Device Access limitations
(introduce device ownership, add a way to see which users have access to a device, etc.)

Released (1.9.0)
 New Unimus Portal releaseReleased
Q3 2018Powercode importer (NMS sync)Released (1.8.3)
 Mass Config Push - usability improvements
(re-run on output group, set target from output group, etc.)
Released (1.8.3)
 Mass Config Push and Network Scan - preset cloningReleased (1.8.3)
 Change notifications - graphical diff in email
(for each device with a config change, an email with a graphical diff would be sent)
Released (1.8.2)
 New Unimus Portal releaseReleased
Q2 2018Manage / Unmanage device (you can "retire" devices, but keep them in Unimus)Released (1.8.2)
 When a change in config is detected, email a diff to user(s)Released (1.8.0)
 Multi-device EditReleased (1.8.0)
 "Send command / push config" - ability to send one or multiple commands to devices
(select one/more devices, send one/more commands to them)
Released (1.7.0)
Q1 2018New Unimus Portal releaseReleased
 'enable' passwords separate from user passwordReleased (1.7.0)
 Subnet scanning (device discovery)Released (1.7.0)
 Credential to device binding (option to assign exact credentials to device)Released (1.7.0)
 Save only unique backups
(do not store config if the current config is the same as already stored config)
Released (1.6.0)
Q4 2017REST APIReleased (1.5.0)
 User privilege system (account access roles)Released (1.4.0)
 Comments / notes for backupsReleased (1.3.0)
 Search in device configs (search for any string in configs, see where it is present)Released (1.2.0)
 Show only changed lines in diff viewReleased (1.1.0)
 Multi-device diff (diff configs between devices)Released (1.1.0)
Q3 2017Official 1.0.0 releaseReleased
 New Unimus Portal releaseReleased
 Backup retention settingsReleased (1.0.0)
 Download / send multiple backups at onceReleased (1.0.0)
Q2 2017SSH key supportReleased (0.3.3)
 PostgreSQL supportReleased (0.3.2)
 Send backup (email, Slack, etc.)Released (0.3.2)
Q1 2017Telnet supportReleased (0.3.0)
 Automatic DB upgrade with new versionsReleased (0.3.0)
 Unimus Starter (check app component health on startup, helps with common startup issues)Released (0.3.0)
 Notifications (notify on failed / successful job run)Released (0.3.0)