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Currently, Unimus supports:

3Com 29XX switch series
3Com non-switch devices (chassis, routers, etc.)
3Com switches (Comware)
A10 Networks Thunder series
Adtran NetVanta
Adtran Total Access
Adtran TA (Total Access) 2nd gen.
Alcatel Lucent TiMOS (SR, ISAM and SAS)
Alcatel OmniSwitch switches
Allied Telesis AlliedWare
Araknis switches
Arista switches
Aruba ArubaOS switches
Aruba IAP (Aruba Instant)
Aruba Wireless Controllers
AudioCodes Mediant
AudioCodes MP-11x
AudioCodes MP-12x
Brocade FastIron
Brocade FOS
Brocade ICX switches
Brocade MLXe
Brocade NetIron
Brocade NOS
Brocade SLX-OS switches
Brocade TurboIron
Calix B6
Calix BLC
Calix E7
Calix OccamOS
Cambium ePMP series
Ciena Service-aware OS (SAOS)
Cisco ASA
Cisco ASA FirePower
Cisco ASA multi-context
Cisco CRS series
Cisco Fire Linux OS (FirePower TDM)
Cisco FirePOWER (FX-OS)
Cisco IOS switches
Cisco IOS routers
Cisco IOS XE
Cisco IOS XR
Cisco MDS switches
Cisco NCS series
Cisco Nexus
Cisco NXOS (generic NXOS support)
Cisco RF-Gateway
Cisco SMB SF2xx / SG2xx / SX2xx switch series
Cisco SMB switches (SF300, SG300, SF500, SG500, etc.)
Cisco WLC (wireless controllers)
Citrix NetScaler
Cumulus Linux
D-Link 1510 switch series
D-Link 3200 switch series
D-Link 3528 switch series
D-Link 3552 switch series
D-Link 3620 switch series
D-Link xStack switches
D-Link SmartPro switches
DCN switches
Dell EMC OS10
Dell Force10 (RTOS)
Dell FTOS switches / chassis
Dell PowerConnect switches (not all series supported yet)
Dell PowerConnect 8024 (and similar PowerConnect switches)
Dell Networking N-series switches
Dell Networking switches (RTOS)
Dell switches (OS10)
DragonWave Horizon Compact
DragonWave Horizon Compact+
EdgeCore switches
Exablaze Fusion switches
Exalt ExtendAir
Extreme EXOS
Extreme Extremeware
Extreme SLX-OS switches
Extreme WiNG APs
Fiberstore switches
FireBrick devices
Fortinet FortiGate
Fortinet FortiOS (FortiADC, FortiWiFi, FortiMail, etc.)
Foundry FastIron
Foundry TurboIron
GCOM switches
Halon SecurityRouter
H3C Comware switches
HP Blade Switch (BladeCenter)
HP BladeSystem OA
HP Comware routers
HP Comware switches
HP MSA Storage
HP MSM Controller
HP ProCurve switches
HP ProCurve stack
HP v1910 switch series
HP 1920 switch series
HP 1950 switch series
HPE 1920S switch series
Huawei Quidway switches
Huawei routers (H3C / Comware)
Huawei switches (H3C / Comware)
Huawei VRP
IgniteNet FusionSwitch
IgniteNet MetroLinq
InfiNet WANFleX devices
Juniper JUNOS
Juniper SSG
LANCOM routers
Lenovo Flex System Fabric
Lenovo RackSwitch switches
Lenovo ThinkSystems RackSwitch switches
Mellanox switches
Metamako devices
MikroTik RouterOS (this includes: RB, CCR, CRS, x86, CHR, etc.)
NetScreen (ScreenOS devices)
Netonix switches
Nokia SR OS (SR, ISAM and SAS)
Nomadix AG
OcNOS (switches running OcNOS)
Palo Alto firewalls
Patton / Inalp SmartNode
Planet DSLAMs
Planet switches
Quanta switches
Ruckus FastIron
Ruckus ICX switches
Ruckus standalone APs
Ruckus TurboIron
Ruckus Unleashed
Ruckus Wireless Bridges
Ruckus ZoneDirector
Siklu EtherHaul
SonicWall devices (SonicOS)
Sophos UTMs (Astaro)
Telco Systems T-Marc devices
TP-Link switches (JetStream series and Smart Switch series switches)
Turris OS devices (Turris Omnia, etc.)
Ubiquiti airFiber
Ubiquiti airMax
Ubiquiti EdgePoint
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter
Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch
Ubiquiti TOUGHSwitch
Ubiquiti UniFi APs
Ubiquiti UniFi switches
WatchGuard (Fireware OS)
Zyxel switches (GS22xx series, etc.)
Zyxel MGS switches
Zyxel USG
Zyxel VPN
Zyxel XGS
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  1. Anonymous

    Kemp load balancer is supported?

    1. Hi, not yet.

      We had requests for Kemp support already, we expect in the next few months it should be included.

      Normally implementing a new vendor is much faster, but Kemp doesn't support backup over CLI.
      Only way to backup Kemp is over HTTP(S).

      We have HTTP(S) connector support on the Roadmap in the next few months, but we need to implement that before we can support Kemp (smile)

  2. Anonymous

    Do you plan on F5 support as well? 

    1. Hi,

      We have had F5 support on the ToDo list for a while now, but have had issues getting proper access to one.
      We haven't been able to make it run in GNS either.

      If you have an F5 in a lab somewhere and are willing to help out, please let us know.

  3. Anonymous

    Any plans to backup the UniFi controller info?  I know you can from it but I'd rather have multiple backups.

    1. Hi,

      The situation with the UniFi controller is similar to the Kemp question above.

      To summarize, we need the HTTP(S) connector support before we are able to support the UniFi controller.
      We have HTTP(S) connector support on the Roadmap in the next few months.

      So expect support for the UniFi controller coming around the end of Q2 2018.

      1. Anonymous

        Thank you, I appreciate it.  Just in time for me to migrate to a Meraki setup at home but my UniFi setup will live on at my parents house so I really want a good backup in place.

  4. Anonymous

    Any plans to backup ESXi &/or Proxmox configurations?

    1. Hi,

      We are planning support for both.
      (for ESXi, it will of course require that SSH is enabled on the ESXi host)

      The support should be available by the end of Q2 2018.

  5. Anonymous

    What about Adtran support?

    1. Hi,

      We would be glad to add support, but we need access to a device for development and testing purposes.
      Would it be possible to have access to one of these in a lab for driver development?

      If you are willing to help us, please contact us over email or forums, and we can add a driver.