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Unimus is built from 2 components:

  • Unimus Server - the web server, database handling, etc.
  • Core - the device communication module

Unimus is packaged into 2 downloadable distributions / products (binaries):

  • Unimus Server (includes an Embedded Core)
  • Unimus Core (Core by itself - used as a remote agent / remote proxy)

Which Unimus distribution should I download?

In most cases, you should download the "Unimus Server" distribution.

Since the "Unimus Server" distribution contains an Embedded Core, you do not require a separate "Unimus Core" deployment to use Unimus in a single network.
(all device communication will be done by the Unimus Server directly using it's Embedded Core)

You need to download "Unimus Core" only when you want a remote proxy / remote probe for deployment in networks not directly reachable from the Unimus server.

How does the Core communicate to the Unimus Server?

The Core establishes an outbound TCP session to the Unimus Server.
By default, Unimus Server runs a "Core connection server" on TCP 5509.

The TCP session between Unimus & Core is secured using a PSK (the "Access Key" available in the "Zones" menu) and fully encrypted using AES-128-CBC.


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