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Before starting, Unimus performs a startup health-check - called internally as Boot or Starter.

The Starter checks if all conditions required for properly running Unimus are met.
If not, it presents an error message describing the problem.

This article offers suggestions on solving the most common first-run issues:

Logging path not accessible

Unimus logs to logging files located in these directories:

Linux - /var/log/unimus
Windows - C:\ProgramData\Unimus\log

These directories must be accessible to the user running Unimus.

Please fix the permissions and restart Unimus.

Config file not accessible

Unimus uses a configuration file located in:

Linux - /etc/unimus/
Windows - C:\ProgramData\Unimus\

The user running Unimus must have access to these directories, and must have a read-write access to the config file.

Please fix the permissions and restart Unimus.

Licensing server not reachable

Unimus must be able to communicate with the licensing server to successfully start.

Please ensure connectivity with
You can check if licensing responds using:

curl '' && echo

Or simply try to visit in a web browser on your Unimus server.

If proxying is required for HTTP(S) connectivity in your environment, please see this article for help.

Unimus doesn't properly display special characters

In some cases, you might see that Unimus doesn't properly show special / national characters (they are shows as a question mark).

This can be solved by properly setting the DB charset / collation:

  1. Shut down Unimus
  2. Set DB collation to UTF8mb4 and charset to UTF8mb4_unicode_cs
  3. Start Unimus

After setting tables in the DB to this, any new special characters written to the DB should be displayed properly.
(this will not change data already existing in the DB)

MySQL DB initialization fails with "Specified key was too long" errors

When finishing the Deployment Wizard, you might see an error saying "Unable to upgrade database" when using a MySQL DB.

On some older versions of MySQL using the "utf8mb4" charset, the DB only support VARCHARs of max size 191.
Unimus requires multiple DB columns to be VARCHAR(255).

You can solve this by creating your database using the "utf8" charset:


Device jobs show results in a wrong timezone

This issue is most usually caused by the scheduler itself running in the wrong timezone, but to the user, all jobs results / logs, etc. are shown as if in wrong timezone.

This is usually caused by a wrong timezone configuration in Linux.

The correct timezone needs to be set in 2 places. You can check using:


cat /etc/timezone


Both outputs should show correct timezone.

If one (or both) are not correct, here is how to fix this:
(please substitute your actual TZ in the echo command)

systemctl stop unimus
echo "Europe/Rome" | sudo tee /etc/timezone
sudo dpkg-reconfigure --frontend noninteractive tzdata
systemctl start unimus

The above commands are for Ubuntu / Debian - please check for proper commands if using a different Linux distribution.


  • TODO Tomas Kirnak - Port 8085 not free - how to find out and how to change port
  • TODO Tomas Kirnak - Unimus running as a service refuses to start - run Unimus manually to get a more detailed error report
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