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By default, Unimus logs when and by which user Config Push jobs were initiated.
If you wish for more logging from Config Push (what commands and to what devices), this can be enabled.

To enable additional logging for Config Push, please set:

On Windows:

For portable:
Create a file named Unimus.l4j.ini in the same directory as the Unimus executable.
Change Unimus in the above file name to exactly match the name of the Unimus executable.

For installer:
Add the below lines to Unimus.l4j.ini in 'C:\Program Files\Unimus\'.

Inside of this configuration file, please add the following lines:

Please make sure to place each argument into it's own line.

Restart Unimus to apply the new logging settings.

On Linux (Debian/Ubuntu):

Edit the contents of /etc/default/unimus.

Add this into the file:

Restart Unimus to apply the new logging settings.

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