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As described in our Changing default timeouts article, some drivers use a multiplier for their relevant CLI data retrieval timeout. This article lists all drivers using such multipliers.

Why are multipliers used?

We use timeout multipliers in cases where we know that a device behaves in a very inconsistent way, or we know that the device by default takes extremely long to output it's backups. Please note these multipliers only apply to Backups jobs, NOT to Mass Config Push. If you wish to change timeouts for Config Push, either change the default settings, or use Advanced Settings for Config Push. Here are 2 examples why multipliers need to be used for backups:

1) MikroTik RouterOS and inconsistent paging

MikroTik ROS normally uses paging for output (for example, try running "/interface print" on a router with multiple interfaces when the terminal vertical size is low). This means our ROS driver must support paging, or Mass Config Push would not work as expected. However, the backup command on ROS ("/export") is NOT paged. On MikroTiks with very long config, high CPU load, or if many items in the config database on the device exist (such as full BGP route tables), the output of "/export" will take a long time. Since the default per-page timeout is 20 seconds, backups would routinely fail on such routers. This is why we introduced a multiplier to the timeout value.

2) Ruckus SmartOS and extremely long backups

Ruckus devices running SmartOS - such as Ruckus Unleashed and Ruckus ZoneDirector, can take over 15 minutes to output their full backups. You can test this by yourself by logging into one of these devices using your usual SSH client, and running "show config". Since we know these devices output their config extremely slow, we use a timeout modifier to make sure these devices work properly with Unimus.

Full documentation


Device type / familySupports pagingUsed timeout typeDefault timeoutMultiplierActual timeout (using defaults)
Cisco WLCYesunimus.core.cli-expect-timeout20 seconds360 seconds
Datacom switchesYes


20 seconds360 seconds
Ericsson IPOSYesunimus.core.cli-expect-timeout20 seconds360 seconds
Ericsson SGSNYesunimus.core.cli-expect-timeout20 seconds360 seconds


20 seconds15300 seconds
(5 minutes)
Extreme WLCNounimus.core.max-backup-timeout75 seconds5

375 seconds
(6 minutes 15 seconds)

Fortinet FortiOS
(FortiGate, FortiWeb, etc.)


20 seconds5100 seconds
MikroTik RouterOSYes


20 seconds5100 seconds
Perle IOLANYes


20 seconds240 seconds
RedCarrierSwitchYesunimus.core.cli-expect-timeout20 seconds360 seconds
Ruckus SmartOS
(Unleashed / ZoneDirector)
Nounimus.core.max-backup-timeout75 seconds151125 seconds
(18 minutes 45 seconds)
Watchguard FirewareNounimus.core.max-backup-timeout75 seconds5375 seconds
(6 minutes 15 seconds)


20 seconds30600 seconds
(10 minutes)
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