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The NetBox importer can be used to import devices from NetBox to Unimus using the NetBox API.
 If the importer is configured to run periodically on a schedule, this will effectively sync devices in your NetBox instance to Unimus.

The importer supports syncing devices based on Role, Tag, Location or Custom field.

NetBox importer supports remote UUIDs.

How to configure the importer

1) Provide the full NetBox server URL in the "NetBox server url" field.
 For example: "".

2) Provide Api token to access NetBox.

3) Configure Role, Tag, Location or Custom field, to import devices from, one per line.
 Device group must be configured in key value format e.g. "role= Switch", "tag=TagName", "location=Server room racks", "field=FieldName:FieldValue" (without quotes)

Please be aware that for use of Custom field is necessary to specify custom field name (in NetBox can be found directly in custom field) NOT a label which is displayed in NetBox UI in case is filled up under the custom field. Label is currently not supported by NetBox API that why no results for import by this parameter can be expected.

4) Optionally, you can also schedule the importer.
 You simply need to select an existing (or use the default) schedule.
 With this configuration, Unimus will sync against NetBox periodically.

State field handling

Unimus will set the "Unmanaged" flag for a device based on the "status" field in NetBox.

The managed state in Unimus will be set like this:

NetBox statusUnimus status
activeset as Managed
offline, failed, decommissioning, plannedset as Unmanaged
any other valueno change
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