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NetXMS importer can import devices from NetXMS.

You can specify multiple containers to sync devices from.
Please note each sync container should be provided on a separate line.

Required privileges in NetXMS

The user used for sync doesn't need any System Rights at all.

It only needs access to the containers configured for sync, and all the objects in those containers which should be synced.
For the containers and objects, only "Read" access right is required

Behavior in 1.5.1 and later

All devices under then sync containers will be synced into Unimus.
(Unimus will find all nodes bound to each sync container and all containers under the sync container)

Unimus now supports specifying sync container in 3 ways:

1) Specify just the container name

If only the container name is specified, the first container found in NetXMS matching the name will be used.

2) Specify exact container path

You can also specify exact container path if you have multiple container with the same name.

For example, consider the following NetXMS strucutre:

|- Infrastructure Services
   |- Customer A
      |- Routers
      |- Switches
   |- Customer B
      |- Routers/Switches
      |- Wireless

You can specify "Customer A/Routers" (without quotes) to only sync devices from that container.

You can use "\" as an escape character if your container name contains "/".
For example, you can specify "Customer B/Routers\/Switches" (without quotes) to properly sync that container.

3) Specify container IDs to sync from

You can specify container IDs by prefixing the ID with a "#".

For example, specifying "#1574" (without quotes) would sync from container with ID 1574.

Behavior pre-1.5.1

Before Unimus 1.5.1, NetXMS importer will import only devices which are direct members of the sync containers.
(it will not import devices in the downwards structure under the sync containers)

For each sync container, the importer finds the first NetXMS container that matches the name, and import the devices in that container.

When using NetXMS importer pre-1.5.1, we recommend creating a single sync container.
(for example, named "Unimus sync")

For that container, setup auto-bind rules to have all devices bound to the container you want to be synced to Unimus.

Then in Unimus, simply specify the 'Unimus sync' container to sync from.

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