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The Observium importer can be used to import devices from Observium to Unimus using the Observium API.
The importer can be configured to run periodically on a schedule, which will continually sync devices in your Observium instance to Unimus.

You can specify group IDs to only sync specific devices from Observium, or sync all devices.

Please note, for the Observium import to work, you need:

  • paid (subscription) version of Observium (free version does not have the API)
  • enable the API feature in Observium global settings

Observium importer supports remote UUIDs.

How to configure the importer

1) Provide full Observium server URL in the "Observium server url" field.
For example: "".

2) Provide username and password to access Observium.

3) Configure group IDs from which devices should be imported, key value format for example "id=1234"(without quotes)., one group per line.
If you do not configure any group IDs, all devices in your Observium server will be imported.

4) Optionally, you can also schedule the importer.
You simply need to select an existing (or use the default) schedule.
With this configuration, Unimus will sync from Observium periodically.

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