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How does Unimus licensing work?

You need a license for each of your devices that will be backed up by Unimus.
Licences are cumulative, the number of devices you buy will be added to your current total.

Licences do not expire, they are yours to use forever.
In other words, the licenses are one-time purchases, there are no recurring fees.

Free tier

5 device licenses are completely free, without any time limitation, or any other catch. Each new registered account will contain the free licenses automatically.
After you use all the licenses in the free tier, you will need to purchase additional licenses to add more devices into Unimus.


Unimus has separate pricing for the EU region, and for the rest of the world (non-EU countries).

Please note we are changing our pricing on 19th February 2018.
For details of the new pricing, please head here.


Europe - €

DevicesTotal pricePrice per device
1044 €4.4
100390 3.9
10003400 3.4

Please note addition VAT might apply to EU purchases.
(in accordance to tax laws in the EU member states)

Rest of the world - $ (USD)

DevicesTotal pricePrice per device
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  1. Anonymous

    hello, very nice concept and product, but, what if I need only 200 devices, do I still have to pay for 1000 pricing? thanks.

    1. You can purchase 2x 100 licenses.

      If in the future you required another 50, you just buy 50, which will be added to your existing 200.

      1. Anonymous

        very nice. thanks for quick response (smile)

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Tomas, are you "rest of the world" pricing in US dollars?



    1. Hi Ben,

      Yes, "rest of the world" is in USD.

      I clarified the article to say so too.


  3. Anonymous

    Hello Can you tell me how I can buy 100 licenses online?

    1. Hi,

      You just create an account on the Portal (, go to 'Local Licenses > Buy'.
      Then select how many licenses, and press 'Buy'.

      We support PayPal or Credit Card purchases.

      If you run to any issues, you can create a ticket in the Portal, or contact us any other way.


      1. Anonymous

        Thanks for the quick reply, if I have the OK from our company, I will follow your instructions.


  4. Anonymous

    Hi Tomas, 

    As for licensing, say I have 100 device license right now, prior to new license payment change, will you honour the members that rather this model? In the event we need to upgrade to more device license. 

    Great service btw!

    1. Hi,

      Your currently licenses will stay permanent even after the licensing change.
      So say you have 100 licenses purchased now, those are your permanently forever.

      If you will need to purchase 100 more licenses after the licensing changes, you will just need to pay yearly for the new 100 licenses.

      There is a new Portal update coming, and it will show you details about what licenses you have.
      For example:

      5 free licenses
      100 permanent licenses
      100 yearly subscription-based licenses.

      So in that example, you would have 205 licenses available.
      You would pay yearly for 100 of those.

      Hope that makes sense, if I can clarify anything, just let me know!

  5. Anonymous

    On October 23, 2017, we have already purchased 100 Lizencen Unimus, invoice number 974177713649. We would like to buy 100 more licenses. Can you send us the link to buy online?
    Best regards

    Jürgen Friedmann

    1. Greetings,
      You can purchse additional licenses on our Customer Portal.
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