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To run Unimus in Docker, you have 2 options:

  1. Use a pre-built Unimus Docker image
  2. Build your own Unimus Docker image

1) Using a pre-built Docker image

You can use an image from:

Please see the instructions available on the GitHub page for more info.

2) Building your own Docker image

Docker introduction

You'll need to have the Docker tools installed, which you can get from
We tested using Docker for Windows, but it shouldn't make any difference which platform you're on.

If you're not familiar with Docker, you can read more about it at

How to build a Docker image

Text in bold denotes commands to be run at the prompt.
Text in italic denotes directory and/or file names.

  • Open a Command Prompt, or console and create a working directory (mkdir unimus), then change into that directory (cd unimus).
  • Create a sub-directory called content (mkdir content), and download a copy of Unimus.jar into the content directory.
  • In the working folder, create a file called Dockerfile, with the following contents:
FROM java:8
ADD content /usr/src/app
WORKDIR /usr/src/app
ENTRYPOINT ["java", "-jar", "./Unimus.jar"]
  • Run "docker build -t unimus ." to build an image called unimus from the current directory
  • You can now run the image with the command docker run -P 8085:8085 unimus
  • You should be able to access the Unimus UI by navigating to http://localhost:8085 in your web browser


You can push the image to a local instance of Docker Registry if you need to run it on another machine.

We recommend using a separate database, rather than the file-based HSQL option.
This will allow you to update Unimus easily without losing any data.

How to access Unimus

Unimus should now be running at http://localhost:8085, you can access it using your browser.
(substitute 'localhost' for the address of your Docker host)

If this is the first time you run Unimus, we recommend checking out the initial configuration guide here.


All credit for this guide goes to X-Cubed, here is the original forum topic:

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