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Zabbix importer is used to import devices from Zabbix to Unimus.
If the importer is configured to run periodically on a schedule, this will effectively sync devices in Zabbix into Unimus.

You can specify multiple Zabbix Host Groups, Templates and/or Tags to sync devices. Template and Tag names must be prefixed by '%' and '@' respectively.

Please note each sync Host Group, Template or Tag should be provided on a separate line.

Sync rule example:


Specifying multiple Tags in one Sync Rule uses AND logic and so will try to sync devices with ALL listed tags assigned.

Specifying a Tag per Sync Rule uses OR logic and will try to sync ALL devices with a listed Tag per Sync Rule.

Zabbix compatibility

Unimus uses Zabbix API to connect to Zabbix.

The API is compatible with Zabbix v2.4 or newer.

How to configure the importer

1) Provide full Zabbix server URL in the "Zabbix server url" field.
For example: "" or "".

2) Provide username and password to access Zabbix.

3) Configure Host Group, Template or Tag Names to import devices from, one per line.

4) Optionally, you can also schedule the importer.
You simply need to select an existing (or use the default) schedule.
With this configuration, Unimus will sync against the NMS periodically.

Advanced settings

Zabbix importer allows specifying the preferred field used for the address of imported devices via Address field priority setting.
'dns > ip' uses the 'IP address' value of a host on Zabbix as address of a newly imported device on Unimus, unless the 'DNS name' value is not populated.
'ip > dns' works vice versa.

Zabbix importer as well allows specifying the preferred field for the description of imported devices via Description field priority setting.
'visible name > hostname > dns' tries to use the 'Visible name' value of a host on Zabbix as description of a newly imported device on Unimus before the 'Host name' value.
With 'hostname > visible name > dns' the 'Host name' value is tried first.





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