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Using the Installer

If you installed Unimus (or Unimus Core) using our Windows or Linux installers, you simply need to re-run the installer to upgrade to the latest version.
The installer will take care of upgrading everything as required. All data will be migrated and you will be able to use Unimus just as before.

Normally, the process should be:
Stop Unimus service > Backup the DB > Rerun the latest installer

Other deployments

If you are using a Portable version of Unimus (.exe, .jar, etc.), simply stop the current Unimus runtime, download the new release, and re-run.

When deploying in Tomcat, we recommend:
Undeploy current .war > Stop Tomcat service > Backup the DB > Start Tomcat service > Deploy new .war

For the Docker distribution of Unimus (or Unimus Core), please see the documentation in the GitHub repository.
Unimus Docker GitHub Repo | Unimus Core Docker GitHub Repo

Database backup

We always recommend backing up the DB before upgrades.
Please make sure the application service is stopped before you backup the database.

If you are using MySQL of PostgreSQL, please make a backup (dump) of the DB using the native DB management tools.

If you are using HSQL (the embedded file-based DB), simply make a backup of the database directory.
Windows: "C:\ProgramData\Unimus\hsql"
Linux: "/etc/unimus/hsql"



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