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Unimus communicates with devices using a "Connector", which is a combination of a communication protocol and the port Unimus should use to connect to the device using a particular protocol. During device Discovery, the first operation Unimus does is to detect which connectors are available on the device. Which connectors Unimus checks depends on the Connectors you allow, and the ports you specify for each of the enabled Connectors.

Connectors can be configured in the "Other settings" screen.

Default Connectors

By default, the only enabled connector is SSH on port 22. You can adjust the default configuration during the Configuration wizard, or any time later in "Other settings > Default connector settings".

If your devices use a non-standard SSH port, you can change the port for the SSH connector, and Unimus will use your newly configured port for all outbound SSH connections to your devices. If your devices use multiple different SSH ports (for example some devices run SSH on port 22 and others on 2022), the port field allows for a comma-separated list of ports Unimus should check for that particular protocol.

For example, if you enable both SSH and Telnet connectors, and configure SSH with "22,2022" and Telnet with "23", during Discovery, Unimus would check SSH on port 22, SSH on port 2022 and Telnet on port 23 to find a suitable / working connection to your device.

Per-Tag Connectors

An alternative option to adjusting the default Connectors is to use per-Tag Connectors. For example, if only a few of your devices require Telnet (for example, they don't support SSH), it might not be desired from security perspective to turn on Telnet globally (to turn on the Telnet Connector in the Default Connectors).

For this use-case, per-Tag Connectors can be used. You can create a Tag (more info in Tags) and define a per-Tag connector in "Other settings > Per-Tag connector settings". Any devices tagged with this particular Tag will use the Connectors specified for this tag; in other words, per-Tag connectors take precedence over the Default Connectors for devices which are tagged using the specific Tag.

Connector selection for jobs

These are the rules Unimus uses when selecting over which connector jobs will be performed when multiple connectors are available for a device:

  • More secure Connectors will always be preferred over less secured ones.
    For example, if both SSH and Telnet are available on a device, SSH will always be used.

  • If multiple per-Tag Connectors exist for a device, the Default connectors will be used.
    This serves to prevent the uncertainty of which Connector will be used when multiple per-Tag connector settings exist for Tags that a device is tagged with.
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